1. Re-manufacturing of ten (10) Locomotives at Kabwe main workshops 

The remanufacturing of locomotives commenced in November 2015 after ZRL signed a contract with SMH Rail of Malaysia.

The Locomotive re-manufacture involves replacement of all sub-assemblies with new ones, except for the main frame, which has to be re-qualified through NDT system and guarantee the 20 year remaining life.

So far, work station preparation and selection of the first 4 locomotive frames has been completed.

Most of the Sub-assemblies for the first two locomotives have started arriving.

The first two locomotives have progressed well with one completed successfully as shown below:

IMG-20161220-WA0015 - Copy

Re-Manufacturing of Locomotives at the Main Workshops


2. Manufacturing of 40 side tipping wagons for Inter-mine operations

ZRL has embarked on the manufacturing of side tipping wagons for the purpose of hauling copper concentrates and limestone on the intermine.

The programme commenced in November,2014 and to date 7 wagons have been produced,tested and certified for train operations.

ZRL intends to grow the production of the side tipping wagons to 40 as to take full advantage of the movement of lime and concentrates on the inter-mine.

Side-Tipping Wagons manufacturing at the Main Workshops