3.1 Installation of the new signaling and telecommunications.

Signaling and telecommunication is the heart of any railway company in the world.

Currently ,Zambia Railways is mainly dependant on the use of telephones and radio communications..

ZRL is now installing a new signaling and telecommunication system(ERTMS-Level 3)that has three components (Signaling, Telecommunication and Information Technology)

Further ,implementation of this project is dependent on the availability of funds.

The implementation of this project will enhance and ensure safety of the railway operations and increase track capacity and productivity.

Instead of having a double railway line which would cost about USD 1.7billion for a route length of 919km(Victoria Falls bridge to Chingola)by installing modern signaling and telecommunications system ,the capacity of our railway network can be increased up to 10million tons per year or even more.

The advantage of the new system is that it is not prone to vandalism.

Site surveys have been done under the telecommunication part and two call networks have been installed in Lusaka and Kabwe.