Legal Matters

The Directorate of Legal Services/Company Secretary is headed by Mr. Patrick Chileshe Musonda who is a seasoned lawyer with vast experience.

The Directorate provides Secretariat services to the Board and three (03) Committees of the Board namely; Finance and Administration Committee, Audit and Risk Committee and the Technical and Projects Committee.

The Company Secretary is also in charge of two Departments namely; Legal Department and Property Section (formerly named Estates Section).

Under the Legal Department, the Company Secretary’s Department provides Legal (expert) advice to the Company, attends to litigation where Zambia Railways Limited is suing or where it is being sued. Further, the Company Secretary is responsible for drafting Legal documents and is also a custodian of all legal documents pertaining to the Company. In addition the Company Secretary ensures that the Company is in compliance with all Laws, Statutes and Regulations governing its operations.

The Company Secretary also heads the Property Section (formerly named Estates Department). The Property Section’s functions include:

  1. Property Management and Valuations – This includes among others, keeping record of all properties leased or owned by Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL), leasing of rail estates, rent setting and periodic rent reviews, preparation and administration of property leases.
  2. Property conveyancing – Execution of property conveyancing procedures, preparation of contracts of sale and assignments on properties sold.
  • Property Administration – Ensuring that Zambia Railways Limited has title to all its estates/properties and as a responsible corporation adheres to its statutory obligations.
  1. Asset/estates Protection – Protection of Zambia Railways Limited estates which includes Railway land from encroachments and illegal squatters.
Mr. Patrick Musonda - Company Secretary