Mulobezi mixed train
Mulobezi mixed train
GT Locomotive
GT Locomotive
Passenger Train
Passenger Train
Business Class
Business Class
Economy Class
Economy Class
Sleeper Class
Sleeper Class


Zambia Railways Limited offers the following passenger services:

  1. Ordinary Trains – The Zambezi and Kafue Trains run between Livingstone and Kitwe. The travel classes offered on the ordinary trains are: Business, Sleeper ,Standard and Economy Classes. The trains are fully air-conditioned, flushing toilets as well as hot showers.
  2. Mixed Trains – The Mulobezi mixed train operates between Livingstone and Mulobezi. The train moves both passengers and livestock.
  3. Parcels Service – Zambia Railways provides a service for conveyancing of parcels or unaccompanied luggage at very affordable rates. Some of the goods that can be transported through this service include household items, agricultural products, building materials etc.

Train Timetables and Fares

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Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Kitwe – Livingstone
  2. Livingstone – Kitwe
  3. Livingstone – Mulobezi

You can access our train schedule here

The options available for ticket purchase are:

  1. Directly at our train stations throughout the line of rail
  2. On our website through our e-Payment platform

You can buy your ticket 3 days before your travel date. You can also make reservations 30 days before your travel date.

Yes you can in line with travel conditions as contained in the ZRL Official Tariff Book (OTB). You can access the conditions of travel here.

Yes. We transport Household items, Motorbikes, Bicycles, Building materials, Farming implements etc.

We currently have 4 classes of travel:

  1. Sleeper
  2.  Business
  3. Standard, and
  4. Economy class

You can access our fare and rates chart here

Yes. We have a fully functional cafeteria where you can purchase meals at affordable rates.

Yes. However, this service is only available for Sleeper class passengers

For information and bookings, contact the office nearest to you

Northern Region
Ndola Railway Station
+260 964046830

Central Region
Kabwe Railway Station
+260 968195085

Southern Region
Livingstone Rail Station
+260 964047499

+260 964 046955
+260 964 047754