The company operates a total track length of 1,248km long single line of 1,067mm gauge made up of the following track segments:

  1. Mainline from Victoria Falls Bridge to Kitwe (848 km);
  2. Branch Lines (214 km);
  3. The Mulobezi Line (162 km); and
  4. The Chipata- Mchinji Line (24 km).

It covers the entire area between Victoria Falls Bridge on the border with Zimbabwe and Sakania on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo including the Copperbelt and other branches i.e. Ndola, Kitwe, Chingola, Mufulira and Chililabombwe. ZRL connects Tanzania – Zambia Railways Authority (TZR) at Kapiri- Mposhi. The Chipata-Mchinji network that connects Zambia to Malawi and Mozambique is also part of the Zambia Railways network.



Distances To The Ports

From Nkana/Kitwe to;
– Dar es salaam; 2,042 KM
– Beira: 2,399 KM
– Maputo: 2,394 KM
– Richards Bay: 2,930 KM
– Durban: 3,017 KM
From Ndola to;
– Dar es salaam: 1,976 KM
– Beira: 2,333 KM
– Maputo: 2,328 KM
– Richards Bay: 2,864 KM
– Durban: 2,951 KM


From Lusaka to;
– Dar es salaam: 2,036 KM
– Beira: 2,025 KM
– Maputo: 2,020 KM
– Richards Bay: 2,556 KM
– Durban: 2,643 KM
From Chipata to;
– Nacala port: 1,150 KM