Regional Joint Forces

Posted by Joseph Tembo

Zambia Railways Limited(ZRL), National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and CFM of Mozambique have embarked on a joint marketing programme in a bid to promote the Beira corridor of Mozambique through interactions with various customers in Zambia.

The delegation from both Zimbabwe and Mozambique combined with Zambia Railways are scheduled to meet customers and hold promotion talks to market the Beira corridor.

The Beira corridor is one of the corridors that Zambia Railways utilizes for the movement of commodities because of its operational efficiencies. Today Beira has handled a lot of fertilizers for Zambia and the aim is to ensure most of these come by rail.

Zambia Railways Limited Chief Executive Officer Christopher Musonda said ZRL boasts of a good working relationship that it enjoys with other contiguous railways in the southern region, and this can be evidenced by the joint marketing programmes.

He said the company will endeavour to support any region efforts aimed at marketing corridors linked to Zambia.

Zambia Railways does not work in isolation but it incorporates other key players in the safe movement of goods for customers to various corridor destinations.

National Railways of Zimbabwe Director Marketing Elector Mafunga observed that the rail transport business has changed over the years due to a number of factors obtaining on the market.

And this therefore means that the approach to wooing customers must change too, if the railways have to survive and increase the share on the market. High levels of flexibility in the rates for movement of cargo should be adopted by railways.

Mrs. Mafunga further urged Zambia Railways to count on the National Railways of Zimbabwe for any business developments.

The CFM of Mozambique Director Commercial Paulo Tarmamade has urged customers in Zambia to move their bulk cargo by rail on the Beira route.

Mr Tarmamade noted that the railways are a best option in the heavy cargo movement because of its many advantages over road haulers.

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