2.1 Re-sleepering of the track with concrete sleepers:

Under re-sleepering (1 in 1) of 442km,  a total of 136.74 km involving 190,616 concrete sleepers has been done in the following areas;

  • Victoria Falls – Livingstone
  • Muzoka – Pemba
  • Naluama – Kafue
  • Kabwe – Lukanda

The expected benefits are that safety will be enhanced and there will be a reduction in the number of major derailments with an improvement of sectional speeds.

Strengthening of sections yet to be rehabilitated has been done by 1 in 2, 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 re-sleepering involving 57,094 concrete sleepers in the following areas;

  • Pemba – Kafue
  • Lukanda – Miengwe
  • Ndola – Kitwe

Train Speed Restrictions(TSRs) due to rotten sleepers has reduced by 99.5% from 162.55km as at January 2014 to 0.75km (due to rotten bridge timbers) at end of February 2016.

On previously rehabilitated areas, repair of TSRs sections involving replacement of 42,290 concrete sleepers has been undertaken in the following areas:

  • Livingstone – Kalomo
  • Kafue – Lilayi
  • Chisamba – Kabwe
  • Miengwe – Ndola

Distance on TSR due to broken concrete sleepers has reduced by 83.3% from 18.0km as at January 2014 to 3.0km as at end of February 2016

Overall distance under TSR has reduced by 86.4% from 276.80 km as at January 2014 to 37.75km as at February 2016.

2.2 Tamping and aligning of the railway track:

In 2013 Zambia Railways Limited bought two duomatic tamping machines from Plasser & Theurer in Austria as part of Eurobond funding from Government of the Republic of Zambia at a total cost of US$5 million. The two tamping machines were delivered in May 2015 and commissioning was done in June. They have been working on the track ever since. As part of the contract a number of our employees were selected to undergo training in how to operate the tamping machines and maintaining them. The training of the operators is still continuing. If handled properly, the machines have a life span of up to 20 years.

These machines are called ‘duomatic’ because of their ability to tamp two sleepers at the same time From June 2015 when the tamping machines started working, a total 117km of track has been tamped and lined covering sections from Karubwe to Lukanda North and 5km of track between Fubela and Kashitu. The section between Kafue to Lilayi has also been tamped and lined.

The tamping machines are currently in Livingstone working on the track from Victoria Falls Bridge towards Livingstone station. It is hoped within the next 2 months, the tamping machines will complete the 281km stretch up to Pemba station.

2.3 Ballasting  and deep screening of the railway track:

Ballasting of 58.74km involving 49,402.59 cu.m of ballast has been undertaken on sections in the following areas;

  • Victoria Falls – Livingstone
  • Livingstone – Zimba
  • Muzoka – Pemba
  • Kafue – Lilayi

2.4 Joint welding of the railway track:

Welding to convert 12.2m rails to 36.6m commenced in October 2015 and as at end of December 2015 a distance of 44km, involving 507 welded joints had been achieved  between Kabwe and Luanshimba.

The expected benfits of this project is;

  • Improved ride quality at joints
  • Enhancement of safety by reducing number of joints which account for highest percentage of track defects, maintenance effort and costs