Technical Department

The Directorate of Technical Services exists to provide a railway infrastructure and rolling stock equipment that ensures the provision of a safe and reliable train service for the transportation of goods and passengers.  It is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of railway infrastructure assets such as the railway track, sidings, bridges, communication and signalling systems and also of rolling stock equipment such as locomotives, wagons and coaches. The asset stock includes various maintenance workshop facilities and depots, recovery equipment and heavy track maintenance machines.

Functionally, the Directorate is divided into three specialised departments of Rolling stock, Infrastructure and the Signals and Telecommunication department. Operationally, the day to day activities under the departments are coordinated by regional administrations due to the nature of railway operations which are spread across wide geographical areas.  The Director of Technical Services carries overall oversight responsibilities, including recovery operations during emergencies. The Director is assisted by Technical Managers heading the departments and different specialised sections. At middle management, supervisory and operative level, the cadre of staff is mainly made up of engineers, technologists, technicians and artisans. The Directorate also has a few support staff outside the technical disciplines.  General labour is engaged as and when required through cooperatives and contractors who are also used when specialist services are required.  The Directorate is also able to provide specialised technical services for external customers such as repair of locomotives of some railway customers.

On a day to day basis, the overall goal of the Directorate is to ensure a high availability and reliability of the railway infrastructure and rolling stock equipment to support an efficient, safe and profitable train service.

Mr. Fred Mwila - Director Technical Services