Trespass and Vandalism

Posted by Joseph Tembo

Every year, people are killed and injured because they are trespassing, or vandalising the railway facilities.

Zambia Railways Limited has continued to appeal to the general public to desist from activities such as trespassing, vandalism and encroachment

Only certain parts of the railway premises are open to the members of the public. Of course, you can go on the stations, platforms and safe crossing places.

But you will be trespassing if you go on to the railway tracks,  or any other area without authorisation by railway staff.

Anyone  trespassing on the railway facilities puts his or her life at risk for any eventuality in the railway premise especially those that short cut across the railway track.


Vandalism of Railway Infrastructure and assets has continued to be a setback in improving the Zambia Railways’ infrastructure.

These retrogressive acts are not only endangering the lives of the travelling public on the railway line but also contributing to derailments, forcing the company to incur unplanned costs .

In some communities along the line of rail most residents have been dumping garbage on the railway line posing a risk to the passengers and the goods.

In other cases, some unscrupulous people have been caught removing concrete sleepers, ballast stones and rail components from the track which in some way causes derailments.

It is a criminal offence for any person found removing concrete sleepers, ballast stones and other railway components from the railway line or being in possession of the stated items because  anyone found wanting will  face the law.

Mmebers of the public are therefore urged to desist from such acts and safeguard the railway infrastructure.

It is against this background  that ZRL Police command  has been the main provider of Security and has attached great importance to safeguarding the passengers and the customer goods.

In fighting Vandalism and theft,the ZRL police Unit has a good working relationship with other security agencies such as the Zambia State Police.

The good cooperation with the State Police has resulted into joint anti vandalism and train escorts of high valued commodities such as Copper, fuel, Sugar, Fertilisers etc.

Zambia Railways Police Unit has investigated complex criminal cases of vandalism and theft which has led to conviction of offenders.Therefore there is need for communities especially those along the line of rail to protect the railway infrastructure by desisting from vandalism and theft and reporting any cases to ZRL Police or any police station.

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