Posted by Joseph Tembo

The Corridor Management Group (CMG) of the North-South Corridor, in
conjunction with NEPAD has made various recommendations to Railway CEOs aimed at resolving some outstanding issues affecting business on the corridor.

At a meeting held at Zambia Railways offices in Lusaka recently, it was resolved that further action was required to stir the North-South
Corridor to efficiency and profitability.

Specifically it was recommended that Rail operator CEOs should issue directives on issues of commercialization, pricing and customer care. The CEOs were also expected to share (with their staff), expectations
of neighbouring railways in terms of unlocking the corridor, among
other topics.

According to the resolutions of the Corridor meeting, Rail Company
CEOs are also expected to engage CEOs of Freight companies within
the corridor with the aim of sharing corridor challenges and articulate
the type of commitments required to unlock the corridor. The other
expected outcomes from the meeting with Freight Customer

CEOs are to agree on practical solutions to increase supply chain competitiveness, create capacity, unlock funding and increase
volumes on rail.

At the same meeting, the NEPAD Business Foundation, pledged to continue supporting the North – South corridor by lobbying political support at both AU and SADC levels as well as by generating funding and investment
opportunities into the corridor.

The North –South corridor comprises DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini and South Africa.

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