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Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) signed a business agreement with Société Nationale des Chemins de fer du Congo (SNCC) railways of DRC aimed at
increasing freight traffic capacity and enable ZRL meet the requirements of SI No.7 of 2018.

At the same meeting, Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) and SNCC Railways signed a similar agreement.

Speaking at the tripartite signing ceremony on 10th January, 2019, ZRL Chief Executive Officer Christopher Musonda said the agreements will create capacity among the three railways in moving heavy and bulk

Mr Musonda added that the agreements are a unity of purpose which accommodate methods of reconciling, payments and train operations among the three railways.

“Currently we are moving about 5,000 tons per month between ZRL and SNCC. With these agreements, we expect to move the tonnage to about 20,000 tons per month” said Mr Musonda.

Meanwhile TAZARA Managing Director Bruno Ching’andu noted that the agreements will boost the business among the three railways by providing a seamless service to clients.

“The three railway companies are interdependent and they can only effectively service their customers through such agreements. The traffic given to SNCC by a customer has to pass through ZRL to TAZARA and
this will be done through these agreements.” said Mr Ching’andu .

And SNCC Director General Prof. Ilunga Ilunkamba said the agreements will improve the quality of services rendered to clients and the pooling of rolling stock among the three railway companies.

“The agreements we have signed today will assist us to improve our performance and enable the three railways to get back clients that switched from rail to road” Prof. Ilunkamba said.

Prof. Ilunkamba noted that efforts by Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Zambia to move bulk cargo from road to rail called for cooperation in meeting customer demands.

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