Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) is wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The company is mandated under the Railways Act to operate both rail passenger and freight trains.See Strategic Business Plan: 2018-2022.


To be the preferred regional rail transport and logistics provider.
Mission: To provide sustainable and competitive rail transport and logistics solutions to customers and deliver shareholder value.

Core Values:

  • Team Work
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Service

The Zambia Railways Limited Strategic Business Plan (ZRLSBP) outlines the strategic focus during the next five years. This strategic plan has been developed by Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) in order to effectively undertake the mandate of ZRL and provide a disciplined approach to the management of the company over the next five-year horizon covering the period 2018 to 2022. This plan has been crafted after a period of tremendous transformation in the operations of ZRL. The success and achievements of the past also present future challenges. This perspective has been analysed and addressed. It is on the basis of this performance that creates a need a road map for the next five years. The plan seeks to provide a strategic framework for effective organization, coordination and management of rail passenger and freight trains for five years ending in 2022.

The plan begins with the review of the operating environment. This is meant to provide a context, both historical and current realities, that will impact on the plan implementation and provide a basis for the strategic options and choice. The country’s Seventh National Development Plan is brought to attention as a reference point. The current roles, functions, vision and mission of ZRL are restated. Against this background, stakeholder and customer expectations have been analyzed to bring on board their perspective. A SWOT analysis has been carried out to reflect both organizational and institutional issues that need to be considered when crafting the strategies. Parallel to this process, all critical and priority issues of strategic significance to ZRL have been distilled and listed.

A new vision for ZRL has been agreed upon. This will be ZRL’s new destination and dream for the future. Supporting values have also been developed to guide ZRL behaviour. To help us realize our dream is a new mission statement with an output orientation.

ZRL is entering a new growth phase, this therefore calls for management focus and hence the need for this strategic plan. The plan will serve as a road map to measure our successes and a fund-raising tool. The strategy will be reviewed on annual basis to bring it in line with emerging challenges. Using this strategic plan ZRL will position its self to be the preferred rail transport and logistics provider in the region.

In their very nature, strategic plans are directional in terms of thrust while implementation details are elaborated in the annual action plans and budgets. This plan therefore provides the high level view of the ZRL’s work program in the next five years. Stakeholders are important strategic partners in the implementation of this plan. Consultations have been done during the preparation of the plan to get stakeholder buy in and inputs on how ZRL can become more effective and efficient. The plan provides: (a) review of institutional and policy environment (b) situation analysis including both micro and macro environmental factors likely to positively or negatively impact on the plan; (b) an analysis of the critical issues with a bearing on the plan (c) the ZRLSBP strategic direction: vision, values, mission and Key Result Areas, (d) the governance and institutional framework for implementation and (e) performance monitoring.

The plan therefore reflects the strategic thinking of the board, management, staff and stakeholders of ZRL. The ZRL Management owns the plan and will work with other stakeholders to ensure the plan has wide ownership and is implemented. The ZRLSBP attests to the Board’s commitment to provide leadership towards the provision of sustainable and competitive rail transport and logistics solutions to customers and deliver shareholder value.

The Strategic Pillars and Key Result Areas:

  • FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP AND VIABILITY– Financial Strength and Sustainability.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Safe and Reliable Delivery of Quality Service to Customers and Stakeholders.
  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE – Organizational Strength and Operational Effectiveness.
  • STRONG BRAND AND PARTNERSHIPS – Competitive and Reputable Brand with Strong Strategic Partnerships in the Region and Internationally.
  • HUMAN CAPITAL AND CAPACITY – Committed, Competent and High Performing Workforce.