1. ZRL has sustained discussions with different potential financiers to raise funds for full recapitalization. The company has made strides in discussing for possible funding of its investment. All discussions are at IDC and GRZ level and each at various stages.

Smart Partnerships

  1. The Copperbelt Open Truckers Association- We signed an MoU and a contract in 2019 to facilitate effective collaboration of the intermodal business.
  2. Partnerships with CBU in training and ICT systems.
  3. Partnerships with ZAMTEL in providing Integrated Communication Solutions including voice and data.
  4. Hire of rolling stock equipment- Total number of hired locomotives stands at twelve (12), with eight (8) Transnet locomotives and four(4) Trans-Zambezi locomotives.
  5. ZRL has partnered with DBSA on training- Training on financial modeling was done.