Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) provides Engineering Services to support train operations. The Main Workshops situated in Kabwe, Central Province, specialize in the overhaul and repair of locomotives and wagons as well as offering various external engineering services to generate revenue.

Some of the clients include, Zambia Sugar, the Mines, Zampalm among others.

Workshops revenue projects inspections
The following are some of the external services offered;


  • Chaka hoes
  • Various sizes of hammers
  • Ripper tines
  • Digging rods of different sizes
  • Blank Bolts & Nuts
  • Water tanks
  • Oil Clarifiers
  • Oil Driers
  • Fresh Fruit Cookers
  • Fresh Fruit Baskets
  • Water tank stands
  • Steel tables and Table frames
  • Steel chairs and chair frames
  • Brick moulds
  • Trusses
  • Rakes & Hoes
  • Gates, Grill doors, French doors, Window frames & Door frames
  • Ox driven plough spare parts such as; Land-slides, shears, wheels etc.
  • Mechanised Rippers
  • Magoye Rippers
  • Hammer mill housing, arms and beaters
  • Cutting of steel plates to various shapes/ profiles


  • Office Furniture
  • Dinning sets
  • Lounge suits
  • Doors
  • Garden chairs/Tables
  • Bar Stools
  • Bar counter displays
  • Kitchen units
  • Beds/Head boards
  • Wardrobes

The other services offered include but not limited;

  • Servicing and reconditioning of various motor vehicle spares
  • Machining of shafts
  • Machining of flanges
  • Machining hammer mill shafts
  • Motor vehicle engine re-boring
  • Motor vehicle cylinder head skimming
  • General re-boring
  • Gear cutting (Spur & Helical Gears)
  • Key way cutting on shafts
  • Cutting internal splines
  • Cylindrical grinding of crank shafts