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  1. Bulk haulage capacity: ZRL is able to able to transport a maximum of 1,200 tons per train at once. This translates into 40 loaded road
  2. Convenience: ZRL gives access to all Zambia’s economically strategic towns. These are towns where mining, agriculture, and other industrial activities take place. Through private sidings, customers can enjoy door to door service.
  3. Security: ZRL provides security for goods in transit. Trains are secured from handover at departure to handover at the customer upon arrival.
  4. Flexible Pricing and Competitive Rates: Our rates are flexible and competitive. Backhaul to suit customers
  5. Variety of Wagons: We have different wagon types for loading various commodities, tailored to suit customer
  6. Bilateral and Multilateral relations with neighboring railways in the Democratic Republic of Congo (SNCC), Zimbabwe (NRZ), Tanzania (TAZARA), and South Africa (TFR), Mozambique (CEAR), Malawi (CDN) and Beit bridge Bulawayo Rail (BBR). These Business agreements facilitate the smooth flow of exports, imports and transits across the various railways.
  7. In addition, rail freight lessens congestion on the roads and assists in improving the lifespan of our roads
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