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Transport and Logistics Minister Honourable Frank Museba Tayali says Government is working tirelessly to revamp the railway sector to attract the much-needed investment.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony of Sunline Logistics railway spur in Chambishi, Hon. Tayali said Government is fully aware of  challenges in the railway sector ranging from the obsolete permanent way, lack of infrastructure to the shortage of locomotives and wagons.

“I am happy because the private sector, in this case, Sunline International Logistics has heeded the calls from the New Dawn Government to transport bulk and heavy cargo by rail as opposed to using road transport” stated Hon Tayali

Hon. Tayali said apart from preserving road infrastructure, this railway spur has provided job opportunities for youths and more revenue will be earned by Zambia Railways Ltd as well as the Zambia Revenue Authority.



And Zambia Railways Limited Board Chairman Mr. Emmanuel Hachipuka disclosed the Board’s vision to revamp Intermine operations through connecting customers who are not yet rail linked.

Mr. Hachipuka said the enhanced connectivity will not only reduce transit times and double handling of cargo, but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the nation.

“The Government has a vision to increase copper production to 3 million tons per annum by 2031. The effects in the transportation sector will be substantial because 3 million tons of copper requires between 6 and 9 million tons of input material in the production process. The attainment of the 3 million tons of copper requires an efficient railway starting from the Inter-mine” said Mr Hachipuka.

He said the Board is committed to strengthening the Intermine operations and reinforcing the railway presence, as this will be key in decongesting the roads as well as prolonging the lifespan of the roads.







And Sunline International Logistics Chairman and CEO Mr. Johnny Weiming disclosed that his company has invested more than US $3million in the construction of the railway spur.

Mr. Weiming said Sunline is committed to increasing the current coal tonnage of 8,000 per month to 15,000 metric tons per month.

In attendance at this ceremony was Kalulushi Mayor His Worship Mr. Daudi Simama and Kalulushi District Commissioner Mr. Kelly Jibinga among other dignitaries.


  • Thus a milestone of a move by the private sector

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